Additional Floor & Fiber Care Resources


Carpet and other flooring products will last forever if you don’t clean them right?  Sad to say, that is how most consumers treat their flooring.  They wait until their flooring and upholstery look dirty, but they may be too late.  Don’t be like them.   Educate yourself a little so that you can make informed decisions about your flooring and upholstery maintenance.  You care about your flooring and upholstery, so maximize your investment.

Here are some links to the top three manufacturers of carpet, who also have a lot of hard surface flooring products as well.  Educate yourself about flooring maintenance because 85% of cleaners out there have never been trained through the IICRC.  You need to know who to pick.


Here are two professional organizations that can provide you with more information about flooring and upholstery maintenance and guide you in choosing a professional cleaner.