Oriental Rug & Area Cleaning


Persian, Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

Personally, I love Persian and oriental rugs.  It absolutely amazes me that someone has the skill and patience to sit down for a long period of time, sometimes a year, and patiently use different colors of thread and tie little knots on the warp yarns set up on a loom and make a beautiful and intricately designed rug.

The Persian rugs especially are truly a work of art!  I’ll never forget seeing a beautiful 8x12 silk rug at the shop of a friend who used to repair damaged rugs.  It was a $25,000.00 rug that had been damaged when the owner’s home had a small water damage situation that happened to get about a one foot corner of the rug wet.  Yes, he restored it to like new condition.

Rugs can really change the appearance of a room from dull and drab to warm and inviting.  Rugs can take a room from being plain to elegant.  If you are really interested in rugs, check out The Markarian Album, a book about the collection of Richard Markarian, one of the masters of the industry in the past.  By the way, Mr. Markarian was from Cincinnati!  We had our own nationally recognized rug expert right here in southwest Ohio!  One of Mr Markarian’s students was Rob Mosby.  Check out his website here for more beautiful rugs.

Rug cleaning can be VERY finicky, not only because of the fiber content, but also due to the many different local dye’s used by the individuals dyeing the fibers going into the rugs and/or the construction of the rug.  If you have someone who offers to clean your hand made Persian, oriental and specialty rugs in your house, STOP!  They clearly have no clue what they are doing!

Your rugs need to be taken out of your home to a facility to be professionally cleaned by someone who has been trained specifically to clean rugs, especially Persians and orientals.  Your rugs could be ruined rather quickly by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

We have a rug dealer in the area that knows how to clean these rugs the right way and will treat your rugs with the care they need and deserve.  We can pick up your rugs, drop them off, and deliver them to you when they are finished.

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