Commercial Carpet Care


To understand commercial carpet maintenance, you must first understand the expectations you place on your carpet.  Carpet provides the following benefits for us in our places of work:

It affects the image of your business

Face it, who do you want to go to to buy a product or service from:  a vendor with a well designed and aesthetically pleasing facility or a vendor whose place of business looks slapped together, out dated, old, and poorly cared for?

Warmth of building

Who wants to stand on a cold hard surface floor where the cold slowly saps away the warmth in our feet.  Not you, right?  Carpeted floors act as a barrier to that cold.

Body ergonomics

Have you ever had to stand on concrete all day?  It’s hard on the feet, the knees, the back, etc and can cause all kinds of medical issues for us over the long term.

Sound deadening

We’ve all been in buildings where we’ve heard people ‘clop clop clopping’ across various hard surface floor surfaces and know how disturbing that can be when you are concentrating on a very important task and your concentration is interrupted.

Indoor Air Quality and Carpet Cleaning

When you ask a group of people the question of whether indoor air quality would be better in a building with hard surface floors verses a building with carpeted floors, they will invariably respond that the indoor air quality would be better in the building with hard surface floors.  Surprisingly, that is the wrong answer though.  Shaw Industries found that indoor air quality was better with carpeted floors than hardwood floors.  As a matter of fact, they said Prior to cleaning, the levels of airborne allergens, such as cat and dust mite allergens, were less for all of the carpets than the hardwood flooring, even after the carpet was repeatedly disturbed.” 

You can find that information here >

Here are links to the actual pdf files of the studies:


It is aesthetically pleasing to employees.

All of the above things contribute to a warm, creative, healthy and productive environment for your most valuable resource, your employees.  You need them to perform at their best, and to feel good about where they work.

Now that you understand the value of maintaining your carpet on a regular basis because you have invested in your carpeting for all of the above reasons, don’t waste your investment by failing to maintain your carpeting!  Your carpet needs to be properly maintained regularly!

There are four important steps in maintaining your carpet:

  1. Preventing soil from entering the building with proper walk off matting systems.
  2. Regular vacuuming, with entrances and heavily traveled areas receiving more frequent vacuuming.
  3. Interim cleaning using low moisture cleaning
  4. Restorative Cleaning of heavily traveled areas using hot water extraction

As an IICRC certified firm, we would be happy to come out and perform a carpet audit for you.  In a carpet audit, we inspect the carpet for usage patterns, wear, appearance, etc. and will ask you some detailed questions about it.  From our carpet audit, we will provide our professional recommendations for maintaining your carpet in good condition in order to maximize your investment.

We try to be sensitive to your budget, and, in return, we ask that you recognize that sometimes you need to spend a little more on maintenance in order to save more in capital expenditures down the road.