Vinyl & Linoleum Floor Cleaning


Vinyl and Linoleum flooring is typically installed in homes and commercial buildings in areas where carpet just would not work due to the risk of excess soiling.  Kitchens, bathrooms and break rooms are at high risk for spilling things that are not friendly to carpet, making vinyl and linoleum floors an inexpensive and easier to maintain flooring alternative.

Some businesses need vinyl  or linoleum floors because of what they do.  Beauty shops and salon floors get hair spray and hair dyeing products on their floors that are more easily removed from vinyl and linoleum and difficult if not impossible to remove from carpet.

These floors get neglected because we think a simple mopping will remove all the soil.  Most mops people use just don’t cut it.  Sponge mops and “wig” mops end up pushing more dirt around than they pick up, especially if you rinse them out in bucket of water that gets more dirty each time you rinse the mop.

Microfiber mops are the best thing you can use to clean vinyl and linoleum floors with because they hold more soil.  However, you will still get a build up of soil that will not clean up with just a microfiber cloth.

That is where we can come in.  We can remove this soil with chemicals designed specifically for vinyl and linoleum floor cleaning.  We also have commercial equipment that provides much more pressure and agitation to remove the difficult ground in dirt, hair spray, lotions, and oils from your flooring.