Upholstery Cleaning


We all have our favorite chair, a place where we can sit down and relax after a long day of work.  It’s usually a place that is warm and comforting, a place where we can ‘let our hair down’.  As a matter of fact, I would call it home.  It’s our personal space.

I have a question for you:  How often do you wash your clothes you wear?  Once a year?  Once every few years?  Never?  So why do you not clean the upholstered covering of your favorite chair?  Your couch?  Your dining room chairs?  After all, they too are made of natural and synthetic fibers woven together in many different ways to give many different appearances, and we use them every day.

Yes, you don’t wear your upholstered furniture, but you sit on it all the time.  Daily.  Weekly.  Monthly.  It comes into contact with your dirty clothes, your body, your hair.  All that stuff in our hair, whether natural oils or synthetic substances such as hair spray, etc. stick to the fibers of the upholstery.  Can you see the ‘head cheese’ where you lean your head back on it?  Do you see the oils left on the arm rest by your arms?

Not only does your upholstery get dirty from contact with your body, it also collects the food you drop on it, both liquid and solid. Have you removed a cushion and found peanuts, cheerios, or popcorn?  Do you have a stain from the soft drink, beer, or coffee you spilled on it?

If you have pets, do they lay on your upholstered furniture and leave the oils off their fur on it?  How about the general dust and pollen that floats through the indoor air of our homes every day?  Do you vacuum it regularly, or have these particles just built up over time?

Yes, you guessed it, you need to vacuum your upholstery regularly, and you need to have it cleaned regularly.  We can help.

Upholstery can be much more difficult to clean because a lot of it contains natural fibers which are easily damaged.  We have taken IICRC classes in upholstery cleaning taught by industry experts with decades of experience.  We know how to identify the fibers in your favorite couch or chair, and will clean your upholstery using methods appropriate for its particular fiber or fiber blends.  We don’t offer super cheap prices for upholstery cleaning which are indicators of someone not knowing how to identify the fiber(s) and taking the time to clean your upholstery the right way.

We use the latest upholstery cleaning tools that have drastically reduced over-wetting of your upholstery than can lead to many problems.  We also speed dry your freshly cleaned upholstery so that it will dry more quickly, allowing you to sit on it sooner rather than later like many upholstery cleaning companies.  Most times your upholstered furniture will be dry or nearly dry by the time we are finished cleaning for you.

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